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    Company profile

    Dint pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical research and development、Pharmaceutical production、Sales for the core business of high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise。

    The development course

    Since the foundation of the dint pharmaceutical,The company's business several years of rapid development,Improve the comprehensive strength,Entered a high-speed development stage。

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    Green ecologicalGREEN DEVELOPMENT

    Company introductionCOMPANY INTRODUCTION

    • The subordinate companies

      Company is clear,Operate carefully established the modern enterprise as a legal person governance structure,Continuous development of its enterprises。

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    • The development plan

      Focus on the big blue ocean health,Committed to the industry leading brand enterprise。

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    • Enterprise honor

      The company comprehensive strength,Has won many honors。

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    ADD : Guangzhou baiyun district crane dragon pointed peng road east street3With Thai oneF408

    TEL : 0758-3165877

    FAX : 0758-3167033

    WeChat : yili_zhiyao

    The state food and drug administrationGuangdong food and drug administrationGuangdong dint luo certain pharmaceutical co., LTDBaiyun mountain pharmaceutical factory

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